Ansa Borima embraces 52 years of unrivaled Italian expertize in thermosets, thermoplastics injection and compression molding with Bulgarian pricing. Ansa Borima is a true European success story as preferred supplier to a number of World Class companies in the sector of Electrical Appliances.Since its establishment in 2011 Ansa Borima has been growing with an annual rate of 20% to 80%. In 2016 Ansa Borima was the 4th Company in Bulgaria by Growth Rate in its Sector by Capital News. We have beaten this record again since that time. The most important for us is to serve our Clients and we are proud to be nominated by them: “Supplier of the Year”, “Preferred Supplier”, “Recommended Supplier” etc.


  • Molding of technical thermoplastic parts (all kind of).
  • Manual and Automatic Assemblies.
  • Industrial carpentry (CNC Bending and Shearing, Machine & Laser Cutting, Welding).
  • Tools manufacturing.
  • Molding of thermoset parts (compression, injection, transfer, hybrid) made in BMC, SMC,CIC, Phenolic, Melamine and Epoxies resins.

Ansa Borima has a number of industrial locations in Bulgaria. Our strength is the delivery for our Clients of complex components and finally assembled products to four continents of the World.