Working profile

Main activities of the ANSA Borima Group

Thermoplastics injection molding;
Thermoset injection and compression molding – BMC, SMC;
Metals bending and shearing;
Molds design, production and maintenance;
Assembling – about 330 employees actually, with tendency for significant rise of the number till spring of 2018.


Thermoplastic materials being processed by Ansa-Borima in Bulgaria:

PA, PC, PPS, POM, ABS, PEEK, thermoplastic rubber, PPO, PBT, PMMA, PP, PPA, etc

Thermoset materials being processed: SMC, CIC, phenolic, epoxies

Current exports to: Italy, Finland, France, Hungary, Tunisia, USA, Greece, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Estonia, India etc. 


New Plant in Iskar Municipality
In January 2017, we opened a new plant in the Iskar Municipality, near Pleven, North Bulgaria. In the end of February there were employed 50 people. T...