Molding of technical thermoplastic parts

Ansa Borima has thermoplastic injection (and bi-injection) machines of the brands Haitian, Krauss Maffei, Arburg, Engel, BM Biraghi and Mir from 35 to 750 tons. Robots are used for number of machines and products. Components size varies from parts of the gram to 4,6 kg.

Manual and Automatic Assemblies.

The components we produce are often put by our workers in finally assembled products. We use manual assembling, semi-automated assembling and fully automated ones. Our assembled products are sold on 4 continents. Clean Room for electric components assemblies and laser printing are available.
Our Logistic department supplies any other third party components that might be needed for the assemblies and dispatch the final product to many countries.

Molding of thermoset parts

In molding complicated thermoset parts we use compression, injection, transfer, hybrid). We process BMC, SMC,CIC materials made by Phenolic, Melamine and Epoxies resins.

Industrial carpentry

Our aim is to provide Clients with all-inclusive service wherever possible. We manufacture various metal parts using classical stamping, CNC Bending and Shearing, Machine & Laser Cutting, Welding, Powder Coating.

Tools manufacturing

We manufacture various tools for metal carpentry and injection molding. Highest class tooling for thermoplastics and thermosets is being manufactured by Ansa Compositi and Futurplast in Italy.
Maintaining Customer’s tooling in good shape is a must and guarantees high quality products.


Quality is in the Start, in the Center and in the end of any production process. Ansa Borima has a number of experienced Quality Engineers .
We have ISO 9001-2015, UL, ISO 14 001, 50 001 Certifications as well as a number of Client’s specific certificates.
The presence of an ERP system is a guarantee for smooth running of all business processes in our production plants.